Sasha Sean


Seth stops by his friend’s house to pick him up as they are going to the concert together. But when his friend’s mom, Sasha Sean answers the door, she tells Seth that her son can’t go because he’s under the weather. Sasha sees the chance of going to the concert instead of her son but before they leave she wants to get fucked by Seth! See if he agrees at MY FRIENDS HOT MOM VIDEO

Janet Mason and Tara Holiday


Tara Holiday has been having a very bad time in her sex life. She confesses to her friend, Janet Mason, that the only fun she has is with her dildo so Janet tells her to call one of her son’s friend’s and tell him to come over. Tara is not very pleased with Janet’s advice but does what being told to make her happy.  And once Xander arrives and starts plowing her hot milf pussy she is in heaven! See the whole movie at MYFRIENDSHOTMOM MOVIE


McKenzie Lee


McKenzie Lee finds her son’s friend, Pete, staying in her house just after she got a boob job done. Seeing a young guy she wants to show it off. So she busts her new tits out and has Pete play with them for a while. It makes McKenzie wet and horny so she starts banging Pete on the couch! For all scenes and details, go to MY FRIENDS HOT MOM

June Summers


Mrs. Summers is home alone most of the time, so when her son’s friend Derrick comes over, she starts flirting with him. They start talking and Mrs. Summers is so hungry for Derrick’s cock, she can’t wait and starts stripping him of his cloths! Watch the whole movie at MYFRIENDSHOTMOM

Janet Mason


Janet Mason’s son stops at home with his fraternity brother, Trent. Janet needs her son to pick up some items for the BBQ so when he leaves she is left alone with Trent. The minute her son closes the door, she is all over Trent and starts sucking his dick. It looks like Janet is hungry for some sausage already! Find all details at MY FRIENDS HOT MOM VIDEO