Ava Addams


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Eva Karera


Eva’s date has been cancelled and she has a free afternoon. She is a bit surprised but doesn’t mind. Her son’s friend is staying in her house and he sees the opportunity to impress Eva. But she has no interest in young guys who don’t have much money. She is used to nice cars and expensive dinners so when her son’s friend starts to talk to her, she wants to walk away. His body is nice, young and fit and Eva decides to give him a chance. His rock hard cock is exactly what her pussy needed for a long time. Check this story out at MY FRIENDS HOT MOM PHOTOS

Destiny Dixon


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Darla Crane


Darla has to meet her son’s friend Danny today. It won’t be a pleasant meeting as Darla’s son owes Danny a lot of money. It is very serious problem and Darla got an idea how to pay off some of her son’s debts. She knows she is very attractive and she will try it on Danny so she can help her son the best she can. Check out the whole story and watch Darla getting her legs wide open and Danny’s cock entering her juicy pussy. Get it all at MY FRIENDS HOT MOM

Kendra Lust


Bruce has a break from college so he stops by to visit his friend. But his friend is out and the only person at home is his friend’s mom, Kendra. She invites Bruce in and tell him to wait in the kitchen. Then she goes to have a nap. Bruce is bored and has nothing to do so he decides to go to see Kentra. When he see her lying on the bed half naked he starts to take some pictures of her. What Bruce doesn’t know is that Kendra is actually awake! She wants him to continue and Bruce has to take photos of her pussy, his dick and pics of Kendra fucking him. Watch all pics and the whole movie at MYFRIENDSHOTMOM PICS